quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

► Nicky Valentine | Deep In My Heart

Nicky Valentine - Deep in my heart (Mister Jam Original Mix)

So many times
It felt so real
Me in your arms
I know what we feel
You took so long
Why did you run away?

Forget the past
Let's live like this
Now I'm so sure
feeling your kiss
See you again
Blew away all the fears

And now you're here
I won't let you go
leave me behind
you changed all my life
Just now I've found you
Don't be afraid
Don't take the other way

And I'll wait for the time
when you and I will be together
I'm so sure
Deep in my heart baby
Cause there's no other way we won't be alone
I just can't hide
This is so strong
Deep in my heart baby
Deep in my heart

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